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Pivot table not updating refresh

I’m sure he’s not the only one, so here’s the issue that he encountered, and the simple solution.The code loops through all the worksheets, and all the pivot tables on each sheet.So what I generally do is tighten up the column widths to avoid these unsightly double wides.However, every time you add new data or shuffle things around (or anything that causes the pivot table to refresh), your columns will autofit again.In the screen shot shown below, there’s a list of sales orders, and we’d like to create a pivot table from that data.Everything looks okay in the source data, but when you try to insert a pivot table, a confusing (and very wide!

One way to clear the old items is to do the steps manually: If you’re using Excel 2002 or Excel 2003, there isn’t a Retain Items setting in the Options dialog box, but you can prevent old pivot items, with a bit of programming.To create a pivot table, you need a heading for each column.There is a page on the Contextures website that describes how to clear old items in pivot table drop downs.This week, Laurence emailed me about a problem he was having with those instructions, and you can keep reading, to see how we solved the problem.Those old items can appear if you change the pivot table source data – for example, you might remove a few obsolete products, or change a sales rep’s name.

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Starting with release 0.8.4, this feature also disables DAX query tables also known as linkback tables and sets the calculation mode to manual to disable refresh of all formulas, primarily CUBEVALUE type formulas that connect to Power Pivot. When you are done, right click the Pivot Table again and choose Enable Auto Refresh: Behind the scenes when you Enable Auto Refresh, it will trigger a refresh to Pivot Tables to update the field list and data in them.

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