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Out in the real world, you go on first dates and if you don’t feel a ‘spark’ and a ‘connection’, are immediately or by the end of the date, mentally saying “Sayonara” and bracing yourself to continue your quest.Or you feel disheartened that you still haven’t met that ‘someone’ with that ‘spark’…that you can also actually manage to have a relationship with.

These very same people will protest that they ‘can’t’ go on a date with someone and will find it unlikely that their attraction and interest will grow, if they don’t feel it immediately.At first, I resented the implication that I might be one of those women who undercuts herself in pursuit of a man.Then I remembered the steak knife, and there was no "might be" about it: I put a moratorium on belly-dwelling winged insects, avoiding any man who even mildly affected my pulse. After playing interested for one or two dates with a ho-hum but eager fellow, I couldn't bring myself to return his calls.Our first encounter was all extended eye contact across the crowd, and a freak-out over whether he'd ask for my number.Forget butterflies — full-on birds knocked around in my stomach.

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