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Berlin has published four new books on the history of ideas, “The Roots of Romanticism”, “Three Critics of the Enlightenment”, “Freedom and its Betrayal” and “Political Ideas in the Romantic Age”.

He has also produced a study of Soviet Communism, “The Soviet Mind”, and two thick volumes of letters, with two more still to come.

Looking back on the fantastic blood-letting in Indonesia in 1965 – an event which Alsop and the Bundys later decided was confirmation of their own sapience in Indo-China – Mac Bundy returned the compliment, writing to Alsop in 1967 that he wished he had Berlin’s stout resolution: I think more and more the truth of Vietnam is in the nearby countries ...They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, says the LORD.” Brief Summary: The Book of Isaiah reveals God’s judgment and salvation.God is “holy, holy, holy” (Isaiah 6:3), and therefore He cannot allow sin to go unpunished (Isaiah 1:2; -20; ; 34:1-2; ).To Alsop he wrote, on 20 April 1966, an account of a dinner with Mc George Bundy: I have never admired anyone so much, so intensely, for so long as I did him during those four hours ...his character emerged in such exquisite form that I am now his devoted and dedicated slave.

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Isaiah Berlin (1909–97) was a British philosopher, historian of ideas, political theorist, educator and essayist.