Dating parker vacumatic pens

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Dating parker vacumatic pens

The imprint on the majority of these pens is at the end of the barrel, near the decorative “jewel”, all in one line.They may or may not have a “1” datecode after the imprint.#3: A "Parker Vacuum Filler Made in USA" nib that was fitted on the 1933-1934 Vacuum Fillers.#4: A "Parker Vacumatic Made in USA" without an arrow which was fitted to the bottom line 1933-1934.#5: A two-tone gold and platinum "USA Parker" nib used on the topline pens until 1936.#6: The 1-tone "USA Parker " nib used on the bottom line 1934-1935.It should be noted that some double jewel examples have been found with the imprint up by the clutch ring, with a datecode of “1”.

The shade of colors of “first year” pens tend to be different.

When one thinks of the vintage Parker 51 pen, one generally has in mind the Aerometric Mk1 as illustrated below with the short arrow clip and rounded end to the barrel.

This model, with many variations, was in production in the USA and UK from around 1948 to the late 1960s In 1969, Parker UK introduced the Mk2 which is most easily distinguished from the Mk1 by having a squared off end to its barrel and a Parker 61 type clip. The Mk1-3 classification of the Aerometric 51 is useful as a guide, but is a great simplification as design changes, driven both by technological improvements and the need to reduce production costs, came about throughout the 51s production period.

A combination of the traditional and the state of the art resulting in an extremely nice writing instrument. A beautiful pen with a perfectly clean (no corrosion or tears) lock-down filler and a crisp, cllean barrel imprint. When the pen or pencil is removed, a lead weight inside the socket pushes the pointed end of the socket down. ITEM #5149: PARKER VAC PENCIL WITH "DIAGONAL" LAMINATIONS. ITEM #4666: PARKER GOLD/BROWN/BLACK LAMINATED VACUMATIC. Wide band w/ chevron pattern, gold filled trim and MEDIUM nib.

The Parker “51” commonly referred to as a “First Year” pen is really a pen from late 1940 through 1941.

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Some collectors speculate that the ones without a datecode are really pre-production models from 1940.